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July 28 - July 31, 2022
Discover The New System To Launch An Online Business In 2022
33+ Experts Share What's Working Now In The Fields Of Online Marketing, Course Creation And Business Automation So You Can Work Less And Earn More
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Eliminating The Pain Of Switching Platforms

Migrating to a different marketing automation platform doesn't have to be a nightmare. We will show you the exact strategy to set yourself up for migration success.

Zero To Launch: Profitable Online Businesses With Minimal Investment

You don’t need a large amount of capital to launch your online business. We will be pulling back the curtain on the best no-money startup strategies that WILL lead you to long-term profitability.

Increase Your Profit Per Transaction With Frictionless Upsells That Don't Feel Salesy

What if you could scale effectively by leveraging your existing customers' trust? We'll teach you how to craft upsells that provide your customers with unparalleled convenience instead of frustration — while you generate more revenue in the process.

No Code: Build High-Converting Web Pages Without Hiring Expensive Programmers

Creating a website alone is an intimidating task. With us, you'll learn how to launch your dream website without writing a single line of code. Even better, we'll show you how to do it for free.

Virtual Assistants: How To Hire, Fire And Delegate Effectively

If you’re working far longer hours than you’d like to and you’re still unable to keep up with your workload, then a virtual assistant could be the solution. Let us show you exactly how to find, hire and manage VAs so they become valuable members of your team.

Easy Ways To Use Zaps, Webhooks And APIs to Fully Automate Your Business

An automated workflow can cut your manual work in half if not cut it out altogether. Learn how to use Zaps, webhooks, and APIs to connect all your apps into one system and boost your efficiency. Spoiler: you don't need to be a tech genius to do it.

Remove Time-Consuming And Repetitive Marketing Operations To Create Infinite Scale

Discover how to implement a marketing automation strategy that'll free up the resources you need to take your business to the next level. All while saving time, money, and headcount.

How To Build And Train Your Army Of Affiliates

We will teach you how to strengthen all aspects of your marketing so it automatically widens the funnel at every stage. Ultimately, you'll maximize your lead and sales generation — all while you sit back and watch new customers roll in.

How To Prevent Or Recover From Malicious Attacks, Hacks, And Data Loss

You must be prepared for a potential malicious attack on your business. Discover how you can prevent data breaches, protect sensitive information, and critical business workflows before you suffer from irreparable damage.

High-Converting Sales Copy Secrets You Need To Know Now

When you're marketing your online business, sales copy can make or break your success. We unveil the secrets to writing powerful copy that can skyrocket conversion rates and get more people engaged with your business.

Proven & Effective Traffic Strategies That Can Give You A 3X ROI

Traffic is the building block of any online marketing strategy. The more people see your site, the more potential customers you will have. Here we will break down some of the most powerful traffic strategies that are proven to bring in throngs of new website visitors daily.

Magnetically Attract Leads or Clients Who Are Lining Up To Buy From You

Lead magnets are arguably one of the most essential assets in any digital marketing strategy, but how do you ensure you're using them to attract qualified leads? We'll show you how to create irresistible lead magnets that bring in a steady flow of leads who are ready to make a purchase.

The 8-Figure Mindset Code

Want to know what it takes to earn your first $100 million? Discover the habits, mindset, and lifestyle of 8 figure earners, why it's insanely different from those who earn 6 figures, and how you can adopt the 8-figure mindset almost immediately.

Impressions To Opt-Ins: Converting Your Social Audience Into An Engaged Email List

Social media is a great tool to attract a following, but unless you have access to their inbox, you'll be stuck with low conversion rates. We will run through the most effective ways to turn your social media followers into engaged email leads.

The Secret To Build A 10,000 Person Email List In A Weekend

Imagine building a money-making email list in just 3 days. That's exactly what we'll teach you. You'll learn how to drive insane amounts of traffic to your website and get visitors to opt into your email list immediately.

Resurrecting A Dead Email List

You send an email, see only a few opens, no clicks, and no action. Then you realize: your email list is dead. Reviving a dead email list is no easy feat, but together we'll walk you through the exact remedies you can use to resurrect your dead email list in just a few weeks.

Paid Traffic Strategies That Are Profitable From Day One

SEO and content marketing take years to bring in results, whilst social media marketing is often nothing more than a group of uninterested followers. The answer? Paid traffic. We'll show you how paid web traffic works, and how you can make it effective for your business with an affordable, comprehensive approach.

Turning Your Email List Into A 24/7 Money Machine

Many people underestimate the power of an engaged email list. Here, we'll teach you killer strategies to get new opt-ins every day, run high-converting launches, and increase your open rates to make the most of our list.

Create An Irresistible Offer That Buyers Can't Refuse

The lifeblood of any online business is the existence of a compelling and irresistible offer. Even with excellent marketing that succeeds in attracting a lot of eyes, an unattractive offer can destroy your profits. Learn how to create an irresistible offer with us using a set of actionable, easy-to-understand strategies.

Open Loops, Soap Opera Sequences And Nurture Campaigns That Convert

The classic launch formulas just don't convert as well as they used to. Marketers are finding new, effective ways to engage with their subscribers and keep their email lists profitable. Stay up to date with the latest email marketing strategies that are guaranteed to boost your opens, clicks, and sales.

Finding And Predicting Marketing Trends Before You Miss Out

How many times have you wanted to jump on a marketing trend, only to find it grossly overused and not worth your time? We will show you how to find winning marketing trends and use them to the benefit of your own business, before they become overused and outdated.

Identifying Your Ideal Client Avatar To Supercharge Your Messaging

Who is the best-case scenario client for your business? Once you find that out, your marketing just becomes so much easier. Let's show you how to identify your ideal customer avatar and use that data to perfect your messaging.

Goal Hacking: Setting Realistic Short And Long Term Goals And How To Actually Achieve Them

Setting goals for yourself and your business gives you a direction and destination — that alone makes attaining success so much easier. We'll help you set up long-term and short-term goals that provide clarity, motivation, and give you control of the future of your business.

Mapping Your Customer Journey To Maximize Lifetime Customer Value

To optimize the path and channels your customers take to get your product, you need to understand them — and that's where customer journey mapping comes in. We'll show you how to optimize your customer journey through mapping, while your forecasting the ideal path for future customers

Course Creation & Membership Roadmap: Idea To First Sale In Under 7 Days

Monetize your expertise with one of the most lucrative products on the internet — online courses. You'll get the proven blueprint that'll show you how to create, market, and sell your first online course in just 7 days.

Flagship Funnels That WILL Transform Your Business

What if you could set up one funnel that serves as the foundation for new leads and sales for years to come? We will walk you through the benefits of a flagship funnel, as well as how it can become the single most profitable element of your marketing strategy.

Stand Out! Eat Your Competition For Lunch Before They Have You For Dinner

You don't just need to differentiate yourself from the competition if you're going to make it as an online business owner — you need to blow them out of the water. We will show you how to use branding, positioning, and messaging to radically differentiate yourself from the rest of your industry.

Fortifying Your Offers With Positive Reviews And Testimonials That Drive Sales

Credibility is the glue that binds your business to your customers — and it's one hell of a selling point. Find out how to showcase your credibility effectively with positive reviews and testimonials that encourage prospects to purchase your offers.

The Ultimate Webinar/Masterclass Formula

The demand for online learning is bigger than ever before, and business owners are meeting this demand through webinars. Find out how you can create your own webinars and how you can turn them into a sales machine.

Turning A Free Podcast Into Massive Profits

If you’ve looked at the internet in the last year, then you’ll know just how huge podcasting is. We'll teach you how to turn podcasting into a profitable income stream for your business from the moment you publish your first episode.

How To Build And Train Your Army Of Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a sure-fire way to scale your business with minimal effort. However, setting up a successful affiliate program has its secrets. We will show you how to build a six-figure affiliate program with hundreds of profit-generating affiliates.

High-Ticket Blueprints: Work Less While Earning More

Have you had enough low-ticket offers and low profit margins? Learn how to leverage your branding, positioning, and product quality to create an irresistible high-ticket offer that people will line up to buy.

The Proven 21 Step Sales Letter Formula

Without good copy, your marketing efforts will most likely fail abysmally. Discover how to use this proven  copywriting formula that has generated millions in sales for business owners across countless industries.

How Web-3, Metaverse And NFTs Are Going To Change Online Marketing

Dominate your industry by leveraging the next phase of the internet and, perhaps, of organized society. WEB-3 is gaining huge momentum, and you'll discover how the Metaverse experience and the increasing value of NFTs can help you take your business to the next level.
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
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Meet Your Summit Host - George Shepherd
George Shepherd is a serial Internet Marketer, copywriter, publisher and online event specialist with an extensive knowledge of selling both online and offline through high-converting marketing systems that get results. Launching his first online membership website in 2001, George has since launched more than 100 virtual summits, produced live events, published print magazines and has authored over 100 books on Amazon.
He has turned his focus to running one of the world's largest virtual summit/events companies called "360 Summits" that focuses on bringing the best and brightest educators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share their knowledge.

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Join The 360 Summits JV/Affiliate Program
When you become an affiliate, we supply you with a range of social media graphics & email swipe copy that you can use to promote the events you are interested in. Each affiliate is provided with a unique link that is tracked by our affiliate team. Commissions are earned for each sale that comes in through your unique link!
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Summit Sponsorship Opportunities
Put Your Product, Service Or Brand In Front Of Engaged And Motivated New Customers Now!
The highly anticipated Virtual Systeme Summit kicks off July 28 - July 31, 2022 with the goal of bringing the world’s best online marketers, content creators, launch experts, software creators, lead generation specialists, business strategists, podcastors, funnel builders, copywriters, and affiliate markers together for a blockbuster virtual event.

Featured innovators will be discussing list building, copywriting, podcasting, offer creation, course creation, funnel building, business automation, high ticket offers, metaverse, NFT's, Web3, resurrecting dead email lists, paid media advertisement, marketing strategy, cyber security, productivity, goal hacking, with reviews/testimonials and so much more!
If you're not appearing, you're disappearing!
FIVE convenient sponsorship options designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
Bronze Sponsorship:
  • 50% Commissions For Referred Sales
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth (3-10 Min Video)

($2,000 Value)

Silver Sponsorship:
  • Your Logo on the Registration Page
  • Your Logo on the VIP Offer Page
  • Your Logo on the Daily Pages
  • 50% Commissions For Referred Sales
  • Sponsored Email Newsletter Placement (Post Event)
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth (3-10 Min Video)

($5,000 Value)

Gold Sponsorship:
  • Your Logo on the Registration Page
  • Your Logo on the VIP Offer Page
  • Your Logo on the Daily Pages
  • 50% Commissions For Referred Sales
  • Sponsored Email Newsletter Placement (Post Event)
  • Bonus in VIP Members Area
  • 1 Dedicated Email to Full Summit List (Post Event)
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth (3-10 Min Video)

($10,000 Value)

Platinum Sponsorship: (Most Popular)
  • Your Logo on the Registration Page
  • Your Logo on the VIP Offer Page
  • Your Logo on the Daily Pages
  • 50% Commissions For Referred Sales
  • Sponsored Email Newsletter Placement (Post Event)
  • Bonus in VIP Members Area
  • 2 Dedicated Emails to Full Summit List (Post Event)
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth (3-10 Min Video)
  • "Sponsored" Presentation Session In Summit
  • Online Masterclass/Webinar (Post Event)

($25,000 Value)

Titanium Sponsorship:
  • Your Logo on the Registration Page
  • Your Logo on the VIP Offer Page
  • Your Logo on the Daily Pages
  • 50% Commissions For Referred Sales
  • Sponsored Email Newsletter Placement (Post Event)
  • Bonus in VIP Members Area
  • 3 Dedicated Emails to Full Summit List (Post Event)
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth (3-10 Min Video)
  • "Sponsored" Presentation Session In Summit
  • 2 Online Masterclass/Webinars (Post Event)
  • "Sponsored By" Placement On Videos (At The End)
  • "Sponsored" Live Zoom "Happy Hour" (90 Min)

($55,000 Value)

Breakdown of Sponsorship Benefits
Effective and convenient sponsorship benefits designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth (3-10 Minute Video)
Your company is no longer limited to a geographic area to showcase your products and services. Our Virtual Exhibit Hall gives sponsors the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience of market leaders and innovators 24/7 without the need for travel, hotel stays and limited foot traffic. Each exhibitor/sponsor gets the opportunity to create a 3-10 minute video demonstration that would emulate the experience at a real live expo event. You can educate, share and sell your company’s products without expensive booths, staffing, and time away from work!

Your Brand Logo Visibly Displayed On Attendee Pages
Brand recognition is a key component to executing a proper marketing plan. Silver and above sponsors will receive key visibility on all trafficked summit pages. Attendees will build trust as your brand is associated with the incredibly valuable strategies and solutions shared throughout the event. Having your brand alongside the names and pictures of industry leaders will help secure your place as a relevant and future forward company who is leading the way.

Sponsored Email Newsletter Placement (Post Event)
After the event promotion window has ended, we will be sending all registered attendees a special newsletter that showcases our sponsors brand, products and services. Contact info including website URL and other key data points will be included in order to facilitate easy communication and sales conversations where applicable.

Bonus in VIP Members Area
Gold and above sponsors will have the opportunity to include a special bonus in our VIP Pass members area. This bonus can also be an opt-in gift to collect contact name and email address from the attendee in order to receive the bonus. Great bonuses can include, but are not limited to: special reports, ebooks, software, templates, calculators, SOPs, courses, demo products, strategy calls, checklists, cheatsheets, discounts, free+shipping offers and more!

50% Commissions For Referred Sales
How often do you get the opportunity to earn your sponsorship investment back? All sponsors are given a unique link (tracked) to share with others who would also like to attend the events. We give a generous 50% commission to each sponsor for their referred attendees who upgrade to our VIP Pass option. On average, 10% of your referrals will upgrade and you’ll earn 50% of their VIP Pass upgrade - which adds up fast!

Dedicated Emails to Full Summit List (Post Event)
Forget overpriced “SWAG '' bags, brochures and trinkets that never get looked at… stop throwing your marketing dollars always on promo product gimmicks that simply don’t work. Gold and above sponsors will receive 1, 2 or 3 dedicated email sends to our ENTIRE summit registration list post event. This is the perfect time to connect with the attendees and make an offer to them without the distractions of any other sponsor. Send them a link to your website, product listings, demo pages, sales call sign up page and more!

"Sponsored" Presentation Session In Summit
Platinum and Titanium sponsors will have the opportunity to be interviewed as a presenter in the summit. This coveted placement will add thought leadership and create a sense of reciprocity in the mind of the attendees. We don’t allow those we interview to pitch or sell in the interview, however, sponsors can make a soft offer that delivers value in this special sponsored presentation.

Online Masterclass/Webinars (Post Event)
We will be hosting a series of masterclasses and webinars following the summit event to educate, showcase and sell the products and services of our sponsors. Imagine having the full attention of the masterclass audience where you can take them on a deep dive of your latest endeavor or innovation while creating sales and buzz in the process.

"Sponsored" Live Zoom "Happy Hour" (90 Min)
Reserved for our Titanium sponsors only, we will be hosting a series of live “Happy Hour” sessions each day of the three day event. This unique live interaction and networking opportunity is our way of emulating the after hours bar experience where many of the biggest deals get done at live events. Our sponsor(s) each day will be given the floor to share innovations, ideas and connect with attendees in an interactive experience.

"Sponsored By" Placement On Videos (At The End)
Titanium sponsored brands will be displayed at the end of each video session giving the maximum amount of exposure before, during and after the summit. Your brand will be visible to all attendees from the first play and every replay of the summit sessions. It’s like being a name sponsor for the event.
Want To Speak On The Summit?
Get in front of the right audience so you can build your list and sell your programs.
Speaker Benefits:
We're anticipating over 10,000 attendees! That's equivalent to speaking in front of a packed arena of your ideal customers.
Earn $1 per free registration that you send to the summit from your email list.
Don't have a list or can't promote...? No problem! Become a speaker/sponsor and get a dedicated email send to the entire summit list, post-event.
Include a bonus in our VIP package and reach our buyer's list long after the summit is over. 
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